Who are Rohingyas ? Between silence and indifference

Credits : Ashique Rushdi / USAID | https://tricy.cl/2vMlHwz

Credits : Ashique Rushdi / USAID | https://tricy.cl/2vMlHwz

On VraiesMeufs, we have decided to talk about the genocide which is currently happening in Burma, a thing that nobody’s talking about nowadays. More than 80.000 Rohingyas are fleding the country because of the persecutions they are suffering from. Rohingyas are muslim people who are settled in Burma since the 15th century ; they always suffered from hatred of the Burmese people because of their support of the English troops during the two world wars. Their
prejudice started more than a century ago. However, the french media only started talking about them a few month ago. Why is there so much disregard about this slaughter ? Nevertheless, several influencial people in the politic field, such as Barack Obama of Malala, spoke out in favour of the Rohingyas, whereas others, like Ang Suu (Nobel peace prize in 1991), denied the reality of this genocide. A few organizations intent to help refugees, as BROUK (created by a Rohingya who fled the country), HAMEB or BarakaCity.

Beside persecutions, this minority does not have the Burmese natoinality as the Rohingyas are not considered as Burmese people. They have no politic or economic rights. There are also laws forbidding inter-religious unions between buddhist Burmese and muslim Rohingyas. They have can barely access the education system. They are killed, raped, tortured in a general indifference
as the violence often comes from state police officers or soldiers. Beside, work camp also exist, similar to concentration camps of the holocaust.

After a few research about Rohingyas women’s status, we found some testimony of young women declaring that some 13 year old girls had been raped by soldiers. Those girls, by becaming sex slaves of servicemen, have to remain silent concerning their abusers. Some of them have endured mass rape, one of them was raped at a time when she was nine months pregnant. This fear of sex abuse is combined with a fear of death, as Burmese authorities turn a blind eye to the burning of villages and homicide against the Rohingyas population in the country. There’s also a fear of beeing sold as slaves, like a hundred of destitute women who were not able to leave the country and are led to forced marriage, their only chance to live away from Burma. This is their life in exchange of freedom.

Several french rapper denounced the injustice made against those people, which are according to UN are the most persecuted people in the whole world : Medine, who wrote a song about it (Nour-Enfant du destin), visited the refugees camp in Burma. Abdallah also dedicated a verse for the defense of Rohingyas in « 1435 », denouncing the silence of media about this cause. Nekfeu also talked about this during the « Victoire de la Musique », saying « take Marine LePen, and free Moussa », an activist who was arrested after leaving to help refugees. We sincerely hope that actions will help bring to light the issue of Rohingyas people, in order for them to let hear their voices and become a free people.

written by Léa, translated by Noumia