We were there : The Etam Show

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During the last week of women's Paris Fashion Week, VraiesMeufs was invited to the etam live show. The show that takes place every year is a runway of the brand's lingerie collection. We would like to thank the Etam team for the invitation. Kawter showed us the live event on instagram and we are sharing even more on here.

ETAM Live show is my first runway ever at the women PFW of 2019's spring-summer collection. The performance took place at the Paris museum of fine arts in a fully dark room with comfortable seats. When all of the people took place, the show started quickly. Zara Larsson opened the bal in a dress coated with sparkles  followed by the models. The outfits were kind of classic compared to the event itself, but you have to keep in mind that Etam is a brand that has a large public. And yet, I felt like the outfits weren't really echoing with each other, I felt like the brand was showing us different collections at the same time. There was really shiny and girly outfits and a second later, dainty and lacy outfits...and we got a bit lost. In general, the runway was well achieved despite my disappointment towards certain pieces of the collection.

What surprised me the most during the runway was the choice of the guest artists : Zara Larsson, IAMDDB, Cardi B, Jorja Smith, a full woman show that I really enjoyed. Some important personalities such as IAMDDB or Cardi B whose body figures aren't the ideal body figure for some haute couture brands were there, icons of liberated and authentic women that nailed the show, in short REAL GIRLS.

But the choices of the models by Etam wasn't as great as the choice of the guest artists. On this point, there wasn't something new : Tall and thin girls and not much diversity in the skin tones...we, of course, regret the depiction of the deceptive « ideal » woman body and we see clearly one more time that despite the will of consumers to support a brand that promote body positivity, brands and fashion industry are often camping on their positions. We applause the brand for choosing some black models (despite their clear skin tones). Eventually, if the Etam team is reading this, that's what we would really like to have : the rules of fashion industry are has-been. We want to see black women, women from maghreb and afghanistan, plus size models, short girls, women with muscles, with disabilities and even more. These women are also potential clients and they deserve to be represented in the fashion industry.

Make a change, take risks and take part in this change.

written by Kawter, translated by Khadija