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Croix de Chavaux, 3pm

I’m meeting with Isham not far from the Monoprix. I didn’t eat yet, so he comes with me to buy a snack and then takes me to a rooftop not too far from here. We come across a few friends of him. “It’s a place where I often come, with my friends we chill here, it’s calm, cozy, there is not much people.”

Isham has been rapping for a few years. He got a band called La French, composed of two other rappers (Tertio and WendIAm) and the producer/beatmaker Julio. They’re all from Montreuil, in the 93, where they met each others at school before starting doing music together. Open mic, small concerts, any opportunity is good to take the mic. They even participated to the Emergenza adventure which, every year, rewards a band. It made him play in an European festival. “La French, it’s family, it’s a story of friendship and agreement. We’ve known each others for a while, so it makes sense for us to make music together, to share our passion.” He also created with his friends the crew Syndicat MCity a few days ago: “Syndicat is a project we’re currently launching, which will be used as a platform for the artists from Montreuil around us (La French, OTO, Peow beow, etc…). It will be used to share all the projects on the same page.”

To the question “what is a real girl?”, Isham replies: “to me, it’s firstly someone who listens to real music. As I said, music is really an important part of my life. A girl who listens to a lot of music and who is passionate by that is really important. When I said listen to real music, I am not necessarily saying listen only to rap or to any other style, but to try different things, different universes. Me for example, I had a rock period when I was younger, and even if now I listen more to rap, I am open at everything and I think it’s important to not be closed at only one universe. A real girl is also an independant girl, who can manage herself all alone, who doesn’t need someone to help her get out of her problems. If she has a matter, she can find a solution and doesn’t necessarily wait for someone to help her.”

I then ask him to choose a real girl who mattered a lot in his life, to which he replies: “the girl I would like to talk about is my bigger sister. We have a big age difference : when we were younger it was a bit complicated because we do not have the same father, and the age difference wasn’t helping. It’s a girl who mattered a lot to me because she introduced me to the mangas’ universe : it’s with her that I started watching a lot of animes and it’s really an important part of my life. She has always been an example to me, which is why I’m able today to say that my sister is a real girl.”

What’s next? Isham just released an EP and two videos, including one with a featuring with Lord Esperanza. “I’m working on a big project for 2018, I hope I will be able to go on stage, and I keep working hard. Keep your mojo.”




translated by Mathis