#VRAIESMEUFS supports : Jérôme Jarre's project

Photo by Ashique Rushdi / USAID | https://tricy.cl/2vMlHwz

A few days ago, I was on Twitter and I saw a very recurrent hashtag on the tweets that I read : #TurkishAirlinesHelpSomalia. I decide de see where is this hashtag from and I sawa video made by the french viner Jérôme Jarre. In this video, he explains that there is a huge wave of famine in Somalia (which is not new). But the problem is that we are coming to a critical point in history : 2 million people a suffering from severe malnutrition in that part of the world and we, the people, are ignorant about what is happening. He also talk about the media, who stay silent in front of this or, when they are talking about it, made us feel like we can’t do anything.

“The truth is, we can look for answers.” Jérôme gives us a message full of hope : we don’t have to be powerless spectators of what is happening, together, we can do big things. He explain us his crazy idea : to send a plane full of food and water to Somalia. After doing some reseaches, he found out that the only airline company that goes to Somalia is Turkish Airlines. He asked for a general mobilisation with the hashtag #TurkishAirlinesHelpSomalia, so the company can give us an answer. And they did it.

So the first step is done. We achieved,with social networks, to find a plane who could send 60 tonnes of food to Somalia. But it is not over.

In a second video published yesterday, Jérôme tells us that he launch a crowdfunding operation to buy all the food/water he needs. He garantees a complete transparency about the money use and also tell that the company is ready to give us other flights if there is more food than what was planned.

We are here. What I will tell you will maybe sound ridiculous but I got the feeling that we are writing History. This project gives me hope and shows me, that when you want it, you can do it. That a mobilisation on social media is more powerful than any governing decision or NGO.

I redirect all of you on the crowdfunding website. 5/10 euros are nothing and can change lifes. The flight for Somalia will be on 27th of March.

So, that is it. I know this article is really different from what I normally do, but I needed to share this message, who brought me hope to humanity.