I am waiting Shirin in front of the subway station. “Hi ! How are you ? I went out last night, so I just woke up, let’s look for something to eat ?”

Shirin lives in Berlin. She is in Paris for the weekend and stays by a friend of her who comes from Berlin but lives now in Paris. “It’s cool, I am travelling a lot more now. It makes me happy to move from my city and discover new places !” But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her city. Shirin was born and grew up in Berlin. “It’s my favorite place in the world. I have the impression that everything is possible, you always have something to do and the vibe is amazing ! I like Paris of course and I visited a lot of cities but Berlin is my home no doubt about it, even if I don’t know where I’ll live in the future.”

We are talking about the terrorist attacks of November 13th. “What happened this day was really horrible.I had friends that were in France and I remember that this night, I was watching the news, following what was happening and I was really scared. The Berlin attacks was terrible too, it is very recent. Fortunately, nobody I know was hurt.”

She is 13th grade. “I can’t no more with high school, but I still have no ideas about what will I do next year. I want to get my degree and then I want to travel. I don’t know where I’ll study, but maybe I will do art’s studies.”

One of her passions is photography. Shirin spends a big part of her time taking photos of her friends in Berlin, in her everyday life or when she goes to parties. Her Instagram is full of 35mm photos of her friends or people she met. “ I take photos since I’m 13, but I started analog 2,5 years ago when I went on vacation with my best friend. I just wanted to have the memories in my hand and not get deleted at one point like all the other photos we take. So yeah, it started. I would just take my camera wherever I went and document my life with it.” Come to Berlin, she’ll take your photos.


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