2PM, Danube

I meet Njeri at the subway station. We wait for one of her friends then we go at her place. Njeri lives in a building in the 19th borough in Paris. “It’s crazy because there is this myth about this borough, like there is one about the 93. People believe that we live in the danger but it’s not true. I’ve been living here for a super long time and I love my neighborhood and my borough. I find that there is a “family” and communal atmosphere here that you can’t find anywhere else”. Njeri is metis, from a French mother and a Kenyan father. She has a twin brother, a big sister and a little sister from her dad. “Family is really important to me, I am very close to them. My father is a rasta and I am currently preparing a documentary about it. I am also very close to my twin brother and sister, she and I have worked a lot together. My ideal would be to live from my passion and to work with my family”.

Then we talk about the Fashion Week. “There may be a “cool” image escaping from it, but everyone who toke part or worked during the Fashion Week would say that it’s not cool at all. Working backstage is super stressful, there are a lot of people, you need to dress and undress the models as quick as possible, people yell at you, … And from the outside, everyone stares at you and judge you from the way you look and dress. But it has some perks: it’s the time of the year when you can try on your eccentric and daring outfit without getting noticed since everyone is dressed eccentric. Even with its defaults, I love to go and to discover new collections!”.

Njeri’s big passion is photography. “I’ve always love to take pictures. What attracts me is to be able to share what I see in the most wonderful way and to be able to immortalize instants. My whole family has always took plenty of pictures so I’ve grown with lots of cameras around me. I’ve also learned from my great grandfather who was a photographer during war, he took pictures of soldiers but also a lot of portraits. I’ve had internships as well, I was lucky to work with a great fashion photographer and to learn a lot from him”.

Now, she works on a collaborating project with Twenty Magazine that will be named "Face of Women”. “The concept is to put women from all origins and all skin colors up front. We had a shooting last week and it went really well, I am happy with the outcome and I can’t wait to be able to present it”.




translated by Alix