We meet up with Nirina at a café near place de la République to chill and take advantage of the first rays of sun during this cold month of april. The conversation start with the well-known debate of which do we prefer between coffee and tea, we finally decide to go for a coffee since we woke up not long ago. « Tea is for the moments you want to meditate. The action of making tea is also a kind of ritual in a sense. I used to not like it before but know I'm really fond of coffee ! »

Last Tuesday, Nirina dropped the music video of Femme Fontaine , in black and white. It takes placec in a desert in which five women are doing the dance of the five rythmes. This first track has the same name as the album she'll drop out at the end of may. It will tell the story of a post-apocalyptic society in which water is controlled by the government and as an answer to that, a group of women will organize themselves to survive. Thanks to songs, danses and vibrations that these women create, the water resistance achieve to hack the meteorological waves and make rain pour. One of these women called Lady Lune is going to fall in love with a musician which will complicate her quest. Thanks to this love, she discovers the power of the femme fontaine (squirter) and succeeds to bring back water in the community. 

This story isn't only about the environment issues. « In the music industry, and in general, people want to cut off your part of sensitivity. The water resistance is an embodiment of this part of sensitivity, it is the metaphor of showing raw feelings in a dry environment, an environment that doesn't want you to be sensitive. » Can we be at the same time a strong and sensitive woman ? The answer is obviously yes for Nirina. « My hyper-sensitivity brings me everything, gives me inspiration and the possibility to be connected to my human siblings. This is why we have to build a world for sensitive people. »

« This album is a part of my life. The texts are about love, relations that are universal. » While she was making it, Nirina wasn't having precise goals, she simply wrote what she felt like at each moment and for each track. « When I'm writing a song, I want the process to change me. I think that each track of this EP allowed me to realize things, to evolve. Each time, I find myself being a new person. » Her main goal at the moment ? Giving birth. « When you make important things in your life, you kind of become a mother. You bring to life an idea that was growing in your head. I can't wait to give birth to this project that took me 2 to 3 years to realize. By the way, I already on new projects. »

How to make a word such as « squirter » poetic since it is a taboo expression ? By performing this song numerous times, the meaning of this taboo and frightening expression that is associated with the universe of porn has changed in the mind of Nirina : one of my goals was to change the vision we all have of this word. A squirter is a woman that owns her sexual energy and that uses it to overcome everything around her. « When you have sex with someone, you share your words and your energy. If it's not the right person, you don't have to force yourself, even after a breakup. » She evokes love ghosts. « When you have a relation as intimate as sex, it haunts you. It's the reason why we chose to ghost the person for a while, because you miss them, it's like you're haunted by their presence. »

Make love, not war, paradise is in between my ovaries.

In the mindset of the EP, the main subject is for her the link between sexuality and holyness. « I was in a relationship that made me think about that. The fact that sex and religion are two distinct things is also because of our society, everything has to be productive, goals, work, fast. We eventually find ourselves having boring sexualities in which we aim at « reaching an orgasm. » All of these feminist movments that aim at understanding women's orgasm and pleasure are great, but there's no point in being obsessed with this idea. I mean, if you are obsessed by the idea of reaching an orgasm, you miss the current moment. I becomes mechanical and with time, you can lose your desire. I advocate in favor of SLOW SEX. 

Before making soul fiction music, Nirina used to study in a marketing school. She was working in digital stuffs before quitting everything. « It shocks me to see that marketing is a scientific way to calculate people's desire. Everything is faster, the machine knows what you want before you even buy it. We are rationalizing things that should not be rationalized. » At the moment, Nirina is taking a break, she works here and there and wants to live a nomad life for the next months. « I gave my appartment to a friend and threw a lot of things. It's shocking to see how much we accumulate, everything is too heavy, you can't run a nomad life like this. It's funny to see that once you threw the first object, you want to throw everything else. But there's also the fetishes, objects in which we put an emotional value. I can't throw the little notes, letters, postal cards, notebooks...writings are a part of myself and I like to come back to them from time to time, to see how my thoughts have changed and who I was at that time. I really like to read the letters about my will of doing other projects too ! » She explains to me that she gave away a lot of books, movies and CD s. She threw a lot of CD sleeves but she kept some artworks she liked, Homogenic by Björk for example. « The album is 20 years old but the aesthetic is really ahead of its time ! Björk is a mother, without her, many artists wouldn't exist. »

« A real girl is a magician of feelings »

written by Lyna, translated by Khadija