Myriam welcomes me with a big “Hellooooo”. We are by a friend of herin Gambetta, Paris. We are sitting on the bed. “I spend a lot of time here. Clément and I were in school together and I spent a lot of nights working here on this computer !”

Myriam is passionate about rap and urban culture. “I discovered rap music when I was younger. When I was in Algeria, I use to watch MTV etc. and this is how I started watching rap videos with Missy Elliott, 50Cent… I went from Lorie to Booba !”

Myriam tells me more about her studies. “I was boring in high school and I didn’t know what I wanted to do. When we had to make a choice about our studies, I enrolled to an audiovisual journalism’s school : I successfully passed the entrance exam. Unfortunaly, I did not have my high school diploma this year but I called the school anyway and theu were okay to take me on as student. This is when I really started working at school. I think the most important thing when you go to school is to study something you really enjoy.”Her inspirations ? “I love daphné Burki : it is a journalist who was in Le Grand Journal (a french show on Canal+). When I saw her, I told myself : this is what I want to do. And of course, Oprah Winfrey.”

When she had to to do projects for school, it was natural for her to do 2 documentaries about the subject she loves : one was about the rap’s hype and the other was about the french rappeur Take A Mic. Today, she is the host of OKLM Le Mag, on the new channel produced by Booba. “I did not have a lot of hope at the beginning. OKLM launched auditions to find a new announcer for the channel. You had to broadcast yourself like you was presenting the show. I found this a bit ridiculous : imagine you are filming yourself presenting the show and not being taken ? I did my vidéo anyway, cause a lot of friends asked me to do it. At the end, there was a vote on Twitter and finally, I was the choosen one ! I thought that people will vote for a prettier girl and it is cool to see that people prefere natural girls more.”

What do you plan for future  ? “It is a hard question, I don’t know what God reserved me, but I hope that I will succed and make a living from my passion. Travel. Meet new people. I will also maybe create a Youtube Channel, if I have the nerve and we will see how things will go. But I always told myself that if I succeed in my life, I will try to bring young creatives to the forth.”