Saint Paul Station, 6 :20 pm

The first thing that caught my attention was her look : a girl with short pink braids like Lil Yachty, something you don't see everyday in the streets of Paris ! We meet at the metro station and we decide to take a walk without any precise destination. I ask her if she enjoys walking. «  It all started when I suddently didn't have a Navigo Pass... » she answered. When I asked her why she had chosen to take me to the Marais, a neighbourhood that I particularly like, she said : « It's my neighbourhood, I lived here for 10 years, It's the place that I know the most and in where I feel the most comfortable in. I know this neighbourhood by heart, even if my eyes where closed, I could find my way home ». At first, our conversation was kind of shy, we speak about school in general : She is in high school in the litterary division. « I love languages. I am fluent in English and I'm currently learning Japanese. I would love to go to Japan this summer, maybe ». In the future, she would like to live in Tokyo, L.A or maybe in-between. Either way, Japan remains one of her biggest inspirations. 

The discussion slowly derives on a topic that I'm very fond of : beliefs. When I ask her if she is religious, she answers that her parents are. In fact, her father is a muslim and her mother is a christian. «  I am sure that there is something out there but I don't know what exactly. I really want to know the truth even if I know that it's impossible to ».

Morgane is into music, she raps, records herself and makes her own music videos at home. Her music is influenced by all the different rappers (and their musical universe) she listens to. Her biggest inspiration ? Yung Lean. « I love his work ».  She released her first music video and she is about to drop her first EP soon. «  I've recorded many tracks lately, I would like to diversify my music styles ». 

We then speak about Berlin, New York and L.A, « I am about to visit a friend there during my summer vacations ». A friend that is non other than Tommy Genesis. «  I met her a year ago, we spoke about my music and spent time together when she went to Paris. She is breaking though at the moment as an artist. She is a great person, she's all good ». 

What about people's opinion ? «  I used to be afraid of sharing my music, mostly because I'm a girl and I rap in english. I was afraid that people may judge me, so I wasn't making my music public. But since no one knew that I was making music I had no opporunity. From now on, I share my music and I make sure to have the maximum visibility I can get. Obviously, there's always people that will judge my work and have mean and hurtful comments to say about it. Recently when I've posted my first music video, some people were hating on it in the comment section but I thought  how funny it is that some people can take the time to watch my music video, write a comment about it to say that my work is shitty while they do nothing meaningful in their lives. Of course, I have to accept to be criticized too, for example, some people said that they didn't like my music but that the music video was well made. Either way, people will always judge you and your work, tell you that it's not that good, but you have to keep going and not pay attention to it. »

Morgane is still very young. She has turned 17 just a few days ago and she has a lifetime ahead of her. We wish that 2016 was, for her, only the preview of what she will achieve in the future. 

written by Lyna, translated by Khadija