Since I had nothing to do today, I wrote a post on Instagram this morning asking if a girl was willing to make her portrait and Morgane answered. So we decided to meet up and to spend some time together.

Our meeting place was at the town hall of Montreuil, near where she lives. She arrives all dressed up with a coffee in her hands. When I met her, Morgane was still studying for her high school final exam. She explains to me that our little walk was a way for her to take a little break from her school work. « I am in the social and economic division and next year, I think that I'll be doing a communication and information licence either at the Sorbonne or at Assas. It depends on the place I'll get on the Parcours Sup list ».

She explains to me that she would like to go to a fashion school and that she dreams to work in this industry. « My passion for fashion came quite late but very naturally. Around the age of 15, 16, I've started to do a lot more shopping, to dress myself differently, try new things.. It came all of a sudden, I never thought that I would want to work in a creative industry before : I wanted to study law at first. » Her fashion inspirations are numerous : from Donatela Versace to Yves Saint Laurent. « What intrigates me the most about people is their background, the path they went into. For example, Jeremy Scott (artistic director of Moschino) had a quite complicated background since what he creates is very unusual and not often well received. Another person that inspires me a lot is Simon de Jacquemus : I don't particularly like the pieces he makes because it's not really my style, they appear to be simple, minimalistic pieces but I love to watch his interviews. I am very inspired by the big fashion houses, I like their atmosphere and the amount of work you have to do in order to create one is gigantic. »

Fashion is also something that enabled her to love and be proud of herself. « There is always a time where you are searching who you are and for me, fashion was part of this journey. It enabled me to show some sides of my personnality through the clothes I wear, It is how I express myself. I like to change my outfits a lot and I have many clothes. I don't think that I have a style in particular. I don't think in term of style, each day I wake up and a different Morgane wants to express herself. »


As we were walking towards Robespierre Station, we start talking about Mouloud Achour and his interviews on Clique by Clique. We start fooling around and I ask her to imagine what she would answer if she was on the Clique sofa and she had to give an answer to the different topics. We start with music : « The artist I am into at the moment are SZA, Princess Nokia and even Jorja Smith ; I loved her album and mostly the song The One. What I like about this kind of girls, particularly in SZA or even Mahalia is that they are unusual singers, they are different and have their own, personal musical universe. SZA 's songs are for example really personal, I almost tear up everytime I listen to them, not because it alines with events that I went through but because when we listen to her, we feel like we share a big part of her intimacy. I find it amazing to share so much about one self through music and it's what makes a real artist to me. I also listen to a lot of Jazz, it soothes me. Currently, I think of Nina Simon in particular because I recently watched the documentary they made about her on Netflix « What happened miss Simone ? » which is very well-made and that moved me. »

Film or series ? «I prefer films rather than series. The best series in the world is Game of Thrones ! About movies I love, I can talk about La Haine (The Hatred). There is a film I saw recently in the theater intitled Joueurs (Players) by Tahar Rahim. It was really interesting, I cried my eyes out and I've found the main actor incredible. It is one of the best movies I saw recently. » But a lot more than Films or Series, what she loves are japanese cartoons. « I grew up with Dragon Ball Z, It is almost a religious topic for my brother and I ! I remember that when I used to play to Playstation, I would always want Trunks to be in my team, It is my favorite character paired with Piccolo. This manga and Nana were a big part of my childhood so it had a great impact on me. What is really funny with Nana is that I lived with the characters throughout the entire story, I can still cry to some scenes If I watched them now. In contrary to the well-known mangas/japanese cartoons, It has this real dimension to it, kind of like a Movie or a series, the relationship Nana has with Nana is almost spiritual, it is complicated. Eventually, I would like to talk about Samouraï Champloo for its strong universe : I really enjoy the mix between old and traditional concepts such as Samouraïs and the urban, hip-hop like side of it.”

The more we talk and the more I find that we have many things in common. I was her age 2 years ago and I find back feelings and things that I had forgotten. This will to create, to live, to speak... Maybe it's a generational thing. Maybe we all have this thrill to create and to speak up. « I am really happy to be appart of a generation that moves a lot. I find around me a lot of young artist that move things up to create and express themselves. We are starting to take risks, we are no longer in this will to be careful for our future, we really want to try new things and to chase our dreams. A lot of people around me or appart from my circle are in this state of mind, I easily get inspired by people around me rather than those in the medias of on the social plateforms. »

« We are a generation that is determined, that want to purchase its dreams but it is not like this that medias introduce us. In contrary, teenagers are often seen negatively. It's true that we question our identity a lot, we have a lot of internal conflicts but the notion of teenagers building other teenagers through their personnality and way of living does not exist in the medias. I find it in real life rather than in the medias. »

To me, a real girl is a girl that is proud of who she is, who stands up for herself and her beliefs, who is not afraid to chase her dreams and simply who is not afraid. Or at least, a girl that uses her fear as a way to surpass herself and not something that might stop her.

Morgane is on Instagram

translated by Khadija