Place d’Italie, 2pm

I meet up with Lycia towards Place d’Italie. She was with a group of friends, she left them to join me. We decide to sit in a little park not far, and to chat.

Lycia is 18 years old, she is studying international law at the catholic university of Lille. It’s her first year of college: “I obtained an economic and social baccalaureate, and I knew I wanted to study law, but I also wanted to keep the languages part, and honestly no regret”.

Lycia always loved to travel, so this international side doesn’t surprise me. She explains to me, that she was lucky to travel with her family to the fourth corners of the earth. She went to the US 3 or 4 times in big cities like NY, LA … She remembered doing an exchange program in 10th grade. “We were staying in an american family and high school. I was in Sand Springs (Oklahoma), so it wasn’t NY, but I was fortunate to be in an exceptional family and high school. I made a lot of friends with who I’ve kept in touch, even an american boyfriend (laugh), and I think it was the best travel of my life”.

“This travel allowed me to improve my English, to become more independent and to learn to adapt myself to another culture by my own. There was a lot of support between French people, but we were a lot by ourselves in our family. This travel helped me realize that the US weren’t made for me, because their lifestyle is particular. Most of the Americans are not that tolerant, it can seem to be the opposite when you don’t know them, maybe it was also because I was in Republican racist state. I had some bad experiences, and there is a lot of problems with their university system, (quotas, tuitions, outrageous fees…). All of this make you not envy their system compared to the ones we have in France and England”.


The chat goes on, on several topics, on our way to Austerlitz station. The first time that she found out about “Vraies Meufs”, it was about Morgane’s first profile, who she knew in real life. It makes me happy, that a year later, I’m doing her profile. When I ask her, who are the real girls in her life, she answers: “Inevitably, I’m going to speak first about my mother, because she is everything I would like to become when I would be a real adult. She always put her children first, she loves us, respects us, work hard to make the life great to our family. She is caring, generous, and selfless. I’m very lucky to have a close relationship with her, and I wouldn’t be able to thank her enough for all the sacrifices she made for our family. It’s because of her, that I’m the girl talking to you right now. There are also four other girls that I would like to speak about. I did 4 years of cheerleading at a high level, and during those 4 years, I made friends with four girls: Romy, My-Linh, Victoire and Lilou. Now, they are like sisters to me, and without them I do not know what I would do. In this sport you have to be unified, and they proved me that sometimes you can choose your family, and they are mine. We are complementary, but so different at the same time, each of us bring something to the group, and I admire them so much. I’m going to add a real guy: my big brother, Yannis, my greatest pride”.

A beautiful message of positivism delivered by Lycia. What make you happy every day ? “I think I’ve found my path, I love my studies. I experienced a lot of sentimental disappointments, but eventually, I succeeded to surround myself by people who empower me. And this very positive for the mood. I would never say it enough, when you surround yourself with people who loves and respects you, and you love, respect them back, your vision changes, and you’re more positive. Finally, my family makes me happy. I’m very close to my big brother, we have a closely-bonded relationship. As long as I have my family, my close friends, good music and love, I can survive anything”.

I don’t think there is a real definition of a true girl, every girl is a true chick in her way. It is a state of mind, someone who stands for herself, not even in a charismatic or egocentric way. But someone by her ideas, her personality, or her way of thinking, impacts people around her.