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I am waiting for Julia in front of her hotel. She comes later with a friend of her. Julia lives in Berlin. She was born in Düsseldorf but decided to come to Berlin 6 years ago, after her studies. “I needed changement, Berlin is a big city and I had so much opportunities since I live there.”

Today, she is a blogger and a model.”When I was younger, I did not find myself pretty. I had complexes about my hair and freckles and people use to laugh at me for that. One day an photo artist photographed me for his project and he forwarded those pictures to a model agency. They were happy to have me. Little by little, I started being more confident and accept me the way I was. Concerning my blog, I just started posting photos of my outfits and talk about stuffs I like and I received good messages from people, telling me really nice thing and to continue my thing. Today, I live with these activities and I am happy about it.” 

She is now in Paris for Fashion Week. “I recently collaborated with a brand called Nobi Talai. She is showing her new collection in Paris at the time. The designer is so nice and I really love the vibe of this brand.”

We are walking while taking photos. We pass in front of a Sephora and her friend asks us if we can come in, she explains me that there is no Sephora in Germany. The two girls seem surprised to see that in France, we need to open our bags when we come into a shop. I explain to them that since, the attacks in France, this is an obligation. Julia seems not really interested in the shop. “I don’t put a lot of makeup everyday. I really like lipsticks but I don’t have the time to put makeup on every morning.” They are also astonished at sellers who run after us to try a perfume or to ask us if we need help. “Yeah this is how things are in cosmetics shop in France.”

We are going to other stores on the avenue and go back to the hotel. They are staying a few days before going back to Germany. “If you come to Berlin, tell us !”