"god is a woman" : a feminist anthem ?


Ariana Grande’s clip, that came out the 13th Friday 2018, was a real success for the famous singer. With references of art and religion, she mixes styles in order to give a strong feminism message. Through her video, she transports us in a world where the power is exclusively for women, spilling a potent, mighty and glorious image of the woman.

Incredible outfits, unbelievable scenery, dazzling effects, all of these are the elements used to make the amazing clip of Ariana Grande. In addition to that, the volunteered aspect of the song and the cogent lyrics turn this clip into a piece of art, giving the singer an image of a strong woman. Even if this is not the first incredible video clip in the musical universe, this one is one of the greatest and it will probably become an unavoidable of the pop music.

The video is based on a succession of different plans, allying colours with black and white, reality with drawing and painting, art with religion. A surprising mix pleasing to millions of people, and a lot among them took the time to analyse each details of the clip. From the very beginning of the videos, with the first images, Ariana is dancing in the middle of a milky way. It is a way to express the idea that women are the “centre of the universe”, and that their power is huge. We find this impression a bit later, when she is seating on the Earth, biggest than the planet.

In her clip, Ariana Grande expresses the difficulties lived by women in everyday life, and, paradoxically, it shows their power. For example, we can see in the video a moment where the singer is breaking the roof with a hammer. This is actually a reference to the “glass ceiling” which point out the struggle for women to find a power status and responsibilities. The woman is here represented as the “origin of the world”, showing the vagina under several forms, in an artistic and subtle way. Whether it is with her costumes, her attitudes, or the sceneries, the singer puts in picture the femininity and the sensuality, avoiding brilliantly the sexualisation of women.

Religious references are multiple, and start with the name of the song “God is a woman”. Here, Ariana Grande is identified as a goddess, wearing Olympus’ outfits, or being seated on the Earth. Another main reference of religion is the hammer of justice that the singer raises under a “divine light”. It is by the way at this moment that she pronounces the verse 10 of text 25 of the “Book of Ezekiel”. One of the most important thing, joining the artistic aspect of the clip, is the last scene : a remake of the very famous artwork of Michel-Ange “The Creation of Adam”. Here, we can even talk about the creation of Eve.

Feminism keep spreading around the world, and this is a cause that touches thousands of people. It is a problem in the heart of nowadays society, and this song exposes the daily fight of women. It is a music in the mood of its time that allowed the singer to win a real success quickly. With her clip, Ariana Grande places herself as a woman with strong values, a feminine example that already seduced number of fans. A star now compared to a goddess with a powerful and divine voice. 

written and translated by Eloïse