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Enghien-les-bains, 16h

I am waiting for Estelle at the train station from this city, located in the North of Paris. She comes to me a few minutes later, leather jacket, curly hair, a huge smile. She takes me to a park, not far from the train station, a sunny and calm place.

I’ve met her on the social networks, under the nickname Zoovie Kazuyoshi. “It’s simple, Zoovie is a nickname a friend of mine gave me one day, saying that it fits well, so I kept it. And about Kazuyoshi, one day, I looked for some Japanese last names, I found that one and kept it as well, as it sounded good!”

Estelle’s biggest passion is Japan. “I started watching mangas when I was in primary school, I used to watch what was on television. I started getting interested in the japan culture around 13 because I had a bunch of friends who were in the “japan kawaii” style, but it is more around 17 that I got REALLY interested in this culture, mangas, … I’ve never been to Japan, but it is one of my dreams.“ Her favorite mangas? "I’d say Nana and Tokyo Ghoul. Nana is truly a manga that touched me, I love the story, the characters, the mood. Everything is captivating.”

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We can even find this passion on her tattoos, that she collects on her skin. “My last tattoo is the one you can see on my forehead, "Deter”. I recently met someone, and we both wanted to get tattooed the other’s name. On a whim, she got tattooed “Zoovie”, and I was telling myself that it was the right moment to get my face tattooed, I had this idea in my head for a while.“ The tattoo that impacted me the most on her is the one with two eyes (in a manga way) that she has on her forearm. When I ask her which one impacted her the most, she replies that there are two of them. "The first one is a really important tattoo to me because my mom drew it. The second one is a Japanese tattoo that I have on my neck, which means Jesus Christ. I converted to Christianity a few years ago, so this one truly means a lot to me.”

Estelle other’s passion is photography. “I’d rather be behind the lens, but it doesn’t bother me to be in front of it. Actually, I like the picture, I want to make people feel emotions through a picture. Creating a beautiful one is something I love. I would like to do photography more and more, and, why not, make it my job later.” Estelle dropped out of school kinda early, when she was 16. “I had like a school phobia, I wasn’t feeling good, I felt like school wasn’t for me. Today, I regret a bit, because it is hard to work when you do not have diplomas. This problem is due to the system, which make it almost impossible to find a job without doing studies or having certificates. So I do regret it a bit, but, well, there’s always a way to get out of this.”

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About music, Estelle went through different things : "I listen to a bit of everything. Let’s say I had a rock period, and then a big rap period… Nowadays, I listen to a bit of everything. These days, I listen a lot to XXXTentacion, as well as k-rap, jazz and some depressing songs.”

A real girl is an authentic girl, a girl who stands out, a girl who does not pretend.




translated by Mathis