Elodie and I meet up at this station. We decide to go for a walk to take some photos and then to have lunch.

The conversation revolves around make up. “Usually, I don’t wear a lot of make up because I don’t need it. But recently, I had skin problems and I started to put more make up on my face. It was a mistake because I have the impression that my skin went worse. Today, I try to leave my skin breathe more.” Elodie lives in Colmar, Alsace. “I was born and I grow up in vine plants and countryside. I really like the vibes there and I am attached to my city. I could live in Paris, but I know that later in my life, I wil live in Alsace because I have all my family there. We have Germany just next to us ! It is very convenient cause everything is cheaper there.”

We stop at a restaurant to eat. During the linch, we are talking about her Youtube channel, where she posts videos about beauty, fashion, lifestyle and sneakers. “One day, I showed Youtube videos to my mother and she told me “That’s cool, you should do this too !” and this is basically how I started. I do Youtube videos for a long time now and I know myself and my tastes better.” Blogging was also something that intersted her. “I opened my blog recently where I post photos of my outfits. Youtube and my blog brought me a lot of opportunities ! I try to stay as natural as possible and I want to put any barrier between my followers and me. A lot of Youtubers do videos for people younger than them, which is not my situation : when I check my stats, I find that people who watch my videos are the same age as me. I grew up with youtube and it’s cool to see that my subscribers grew up with me too.” Her inspirations ? “I like  The Man Repeller an androgyne style. I also love the magazine  The Gentlewoman, and I am a fan of the singer MIA !” 

She also is a part of the  La Bande En Sneakers collective (The Squad in Sneakers). “We are a collective of twelve bloggers : every month, we have to do an article about an outfit and a pair of sneakers that has to deal with a choosed theme. But La Bande en Sneakers is more than that : we are a real team and we support each other a lot. It is cool to see this kind of initiatives because the sneaker game is not very open and there are not a lot of girl in this game, even if it is something more and more accessible.” Elodie devotes herself to her Youtube and blogging project this year. “I finished a bachelor last year and I decided to do a break on my studies this year. But I want to continue next year and have a degree. It will be hard to go back to school…”