Can a man be feminist ?


The feminist cause is a big thing in today’s society, and it keeps growing in order to lead to a change. If it’s mostly a women’s fight, is it still possible for a man to considerate himself as a feminist? Many of them understand what this revolution is from, others defend it, but being feminist is way more than just this type of practices that are too simple to make a real impact on the vision of women.

When we look closely, it is hard to identify men who really are feminist. But, if we are looking for the evolution and the acquisition of equality, both sides, men and women, have to make a change. Some manifest with girls, while some others keep on belittle them.

On statistics, it without a big surprise that we note a strong inequality in the professional field. Fortunately, some employers understood the point and the requirement for a brand to have a balance between man and women. Those conditions are now necessary for an enterprise to be solid and to develop itself properly. A woman must have the same rights, opportunities and treatments as a man, in a professional point of view, but also, in everyday life. 

So, many of men support this cause, but only a few of them present themselves as a real feminist. In a way, if you do understand that everyone should have the same rights, it does not matter if they are men or women, and if you considerate that a change is now needed, you are in a good way.

Everyone can be feminist, included men. They can be revolted by the inequalities and the unfairness that touch girls daily. They can understand the importance of a change. They can realize that their behaviour is not acceptable. They really can do that, some of them already do it by the way.

Some reaction have already been driven : the phenomenon #JamaisSansElles (#neverwithoutwomen) created on Twitter by “The Club of Gentlemen” is a great example. Those men expressed their opinion about feminism via social networks. They spoke in public and induced good number of interactions and reactions, which is a good thing.

Even with simple little actions, that can sometimes seemed insignificant, everyone can contribute to improve mentalities. It is by working and fighting together that we will succeed to create a real, solid, fair, and egalitarian society. For everyone.

written and translated by Eloïse