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Strasbourg Saint-Denis, 12pm.

I am waiting for Alix in front of her high school. I see her on the opposite sidewalk, she’s with a friend. We walk around the neighborhood to take 2 or 3 photos and we decide to go eat kebab.

Alix is in the 11th grade in a small private school in the 10th arrondissement. “It’s really small and everyone knows each other. It has its advantages and its disadvantages. What I like is the neighborhood, I find it super friendly and there are plenty of things to eat nearby!” She is in the 11th grade and this year she will take the first tests of the baccalauréat (SATs). I ask her what she has planned for this summer: “I will probably make a humanitarian trip with my best friend. Then I’ll go to Biarritz for the Bayonne festivities and in August, I leave with my parents, but I don’t know where yet”.

Alix’s great passion is skateboarding. Her Instagram is full of videos of her at the skate park and photos with her friends. “I’ve been skating for 3 years now. What I love about skateboarding is meeting lots of people, and always wanting to push my limits. It’s really a discipline that teaches you to be persistent and to have a purpose. Most of my skating friends are guys, we really laugh a lot and there is a great atmosphere between us.”

Alix has been competing for a year and a half now. “During my first competition, I came in first and it really motivated me! I love the pressure we have during competitions, each time it’s a different experience and it really allows you to progress. It’s something that really helps me even in everyday life, it helps you channel your emotions and think faster. But even if I do a lot of competitions, I still prefer skating with my friends, I feel more “free”. I think this notion of “freedom” is very important because when you practice an activity besides school, it must allow you to clear your head and relax.”

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Do you have any favorite skateboarders? “Not really. I used to love Dylan Rieder a lot, he died in October last year. I think he skates really well and I love the image he conveyed, he really had a style of his own. There are many others but I don’t remember the names, except for Curren Caples, who has a super relaxed style and a lot of range. In the end I think I really like skaters who are big as well as those who are beautiful (laughs).”

Finally, I ask her what her vision of a “vraie meuf” (real girl)  is. “For me, a vraie meuf is a girl who stands by what she does and who goes as deep into things as she can, without judging others. All girls are real girls, because all girls experiment different things. I don’t think we can make a distinction between real girls and “fake girls”, because the second does not exist for me, you see? In the end, a real girls is you, me, and all the others, each in her own way living her life as a “girls”.”

translated by Lucie